Newsmax Goes There: Says Obama Is Hitler

Newsmax Goes There: Says Obama Is Hitler

On the Newsmax’ “Cortes & Pellegrino,” radio host Eric Metaxas said President Obama spoke like ‘Hitler wanting to wipe out the Jews’ when he claimed the culture wars are a trumped-up fake outrage.

Fired CNNer and former Trumper Steve Cortes began the segment by claiming the left (!!!1!) started the culture wars in America in the 90’s.

“They spilled first blood,” he said.

Whenever Republicans discuss their differences with “the left,” their phrases always trend violent and extreme.

Cortes is upset that it’s not the 1590’s any longer; gays and women have rights and religious folks finally pay a price for being homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist a-holes.

Really. There is no end to their lunacy.

After being riled up by Cortes, Eric Metaxas, an evangelical radio host took it further and painted Barack Obama as evil incarnate.

Metaxas said, “Well, I wanted to start on a moderate note, but I have failed because here’s what I’m gonna say. His saying that is as if Adolf Hitler had said, “We need to put an end to anti-Semitism. Enough.” If Hitler said something like that, you wouldn’t think it was funny, you wouldn’t think it was hypocritical, you’d think it was evil. It’s a level of lying that unfortunately rises to evil.”

Metaxas went on and on about how Obama was “profoundly divisive as it gets.”

Didn’t you know TraitorTrump was a uniter?

It’s too bad Metaxas was born in my home city of Astoria, NY. Sorry!


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