NYC's New Mayor Has Terrible Ideas On Criminal Justice Reform

NYC's New Mayor Has Terrible Ideas On Criminal Justice Reform

Eric Adams, the incoming mayor of New York City, had some inflammatory words to the press regarding law enforcement and law enforcement reform, saying that he will ignore advice or expertise on criminal justice policy from anyone if they are not a current or former cop.

So he won’t listen to his own City Council? Being part of law enforcement does not mean you know everything about law enforcement reform. Similarly, many researchers, criminologists and criminal justice educators know a lot about how to reform the law enforcement system based on best practices, research and proven methodologies. Many of those people have never worked in law enforcement, but have high-level degrees in the field.

Here is the video:

Publicly saying “I am going to ignore you. I am the mayor” is reckless, egotistical, and flat-out stupid. With this sort of attitude, already setting up showdowns with your own City Council before you even start the job, Adams may not last a full term.

Twitter agreed.

Any elected official have the right to be questioned by anyone. They work for the people and have to answer to them. I don’t care what party or position. That’s just facts, doesn’t matter what you wore out for how long.

— TDB (@Soonergirl12) December 21, 2021

NYC electing a cop is going as well as we all imagined 🙃

— Lissette (@lissettexiv) December 21, 2021

Hey @ericadamsfornyc that is not how this works. We ALL have the right to question you. You are an elected official, you answer to and work for us. You need to apologize and consider what you said here.

— ThoradinWex (@ThoradinWex) December 21, 2021

“When you’ve routinely treated criminals by spraying a hallucinogenic gas into their face while wearing a scarecrow mask, then you have the right to question me…”

— Attorney-at-Law (@TheGlare_TM) December 21, 2021

Did I miss the part of the Constitution that says that you have to have done that vest things before you can petition your leaders for a redress of grievances?

— Bill Bruno-ho-ho-ho🎄🎅 (@Bailyn_DeTVille) December 21, 2021

government by cops for cops baby i love participating in democracy

— michael o (@Mikes_Good_Pal) December 21, 2021

Humor, but oddly true:

Electing a cop may have been a bad idea, New York City.

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