Obama Tells Every American They Should Support Biden On Ukraine

Obama Tells Every American They Should Support Biden On Ukraine

Former President Obama said that people around the world and every American should support Biden on Ukraine.

Obama: Americans Must Defend Freedom

Obama said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Last night, Russia launched a brazen attack on the people of Ukraine in violation of international law and basic principles of human decency. Russia did so not because Ukraine posed a threat to Russia but because the people of Ukraine chose a path of sovereignty, self-determination, and democracy. For exercising rights that should be available to all people and nations, Ukrainians now face a brutal onslaught that is killing innocents and displacing untold numbers of men, women, and children.

The consequences of Russia’s reckless actions extend beyond Ukraine’s borders. This illegal invasion in the heart of Europe also threatens the foundation of the international order and security. For some time now, we have seen the forces of division and authoritarianism make headway around the world, mounting an assault on the ideals of democracy, rule of law, equality, individual liberty, freedom of expression and worship, and self-determination. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows where these dangerous trends can lead – and why they cannot be left unchallenged.

People of conscience around the world need to loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and offer support for the Ukrainian people. And every American, regardless of party, should support President Biden’s efforts, in coordination with our closest allies, to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia – sanctions that impose a real price on Russia’s autocratic elites.

There may be some economic consequences to such sanctions, given Russia’s significant role in world energy markets. But that’s a price we should be willing to pay to take a stand on the side of freedom. For over the long term, we all face a choice, between a world in which might makes right and autocrats are free to impose their will through force, or a world in which free people everywhere have the power to determine their own future.

Support For Ukraine Should Go Beyond Partisan Politics

Obama was correct. Support for Ukraine should go beyond U.S. partisan politics.

Donald Trump is off in his political exile applauding Putin for the invasion. Mike Flynn is blaming Joe Biden and repeating Putin’s talking points. 

Every American used to stand on the side of freedom, but not any longer.

The right has been overtaken by an authoritarian impulse. Many of them dream of replicating Putin’s actions.

Former President Obama expressed a belief in the fundamental American value of defending freedom, but for a segment of Americans on the right, that value no longer exists.

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