Oh, And You Thought It Was Just You Being Seduced By Aliens?

Oh, And You Thought It Was Just You Being Seduced By Aliens?

Appearing on the Jim Bakker show, End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, tried to have sex with her, then it claimed to be Xerxes, she invoked Jesus, and then the alien revealed itself as a reptile with a gang of gargoyles.

Her husband, Derek P. Gilbert, hosts SkyWatchTV, a Christian television program, and co-hosts weekly video programs SciFriday and Unraveling Revelation with his wife, according to Amazon.

Coincidentally, he’s also the co-author with his wife of ‘Giants, Gods & Dragons,’ a new take on End Times prophecy that puts names to the entities called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and ‘Veneration,’ a book on ancient ancestor cults that reveals hidden prophecies of the return of the evil dead at Armageddon. Derek has also co-authored ‘The Day the Earth Stands Still’ with Josh Peck, which documents the occult origins of “ancient aliens.”

I read something recently that evangelical grifters are really concerned about the possible fallout if the U.S. government, which is following a “drip, drip, drip” strategy, reveals UAPs are of extraterrestrial origin — and presumably cuts into their cash flow. (Think those private jets are cheap?)

Fortunately, some of these forward-looking folks are already developing alternate theologies, like saying aliens are the old gods, come back to undermine Christianity.

That should be good for a couple of new jets!

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