Oops, Maria Bartiromo Asks DeSantis If He Got Booster

Oops, Maria Bartiromo Asks DeSantis If He Got Booster

On Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday program, she committed the ultimate sin by asking the anti-science, anti-vax, and very dangerous Trump imitator if he was vaccinated and had received the booster.

Bartiromo attacked vaccines and mandates, exclaiming that she’s “not even sure what fully vaccinated means any longer.”

Then Maria Bartiromo did the unthinkable.

“Have you gotten the booster?” she asked DeSantis.

The Florida Governor was caught off guard.

He slowly shakes his head in silence at the question so he can gather his thoughts, then stumbles with his words surprised by the question.

DeSantis replied, “I’ve done, whatever I did, the normal shot and you know, that at the end of the day is people’s individual decisions about what they want to do.”


Gov. DeSantis never answers the question because in a million years he never thought he’d be asked his vaccine status by a Fox News host.

Asking that question is something any competent news organization would do to any (always it’s a Republican) governor who refuses to cooperate with the CDC or the federal government on health and safety protocols.

To deflect from his uncertainty DeSantis then gave us his usual rundown of all the COVID safety protections he refuses to allow in his state.

DeSantis then lied and claimed he always knew being vaccinated meant “shifting priorities.”

Now in layman’s terms, what the f**k does that mean?

In life, things change every day. Viruses are born and then they mutate.

Vaccines save lives.

This isn’t rocket science.

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