Oversight Committee Urges Federal Agency to Cancel Trump’s Lease of D.C. Hotel

Oversight Committee Urges Federal Agency to Cancel Trump’s Lease of D.C. Hotel

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has urged the General Services Administration (GSA) to cancel former President Donald Trump’s lease on a Washington, D.C., hotel.

The committee said that recent news that the accounting firm Mazars’ was dropping the Trump Organization as a client, saying that the GSA cannot trust that Trump’s financial statements are accurate.

“New information, including that former President Trump may have submitted inaccurate financial information to the federal government to obtain this lease and that he stands to reap millions in profit from selling the lease, reinforce the serious ethical and legal concerns previously raised by the Committee,” the committee leaders wrote in a letter to the GSA.

You can read the complete letter HERE.

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Earlier this week, news outlets reported that former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez is part of a fund being led by the Miami-based investment firm CGI Merchant Group that seeks to purchase the leasing rights for the Trump International Hotel in D.C.

The deal, which is reportedly for $375 million, would make Rodriguez, who Trump has previously criticized, an “unlikely financial savior” to Trump, according to The Associated Press.

“This is just more proof that the only thing that matters to Trump is money,” said Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio. “If A-Rod can bail out Trump and get him out of a sticky situation and help him turn a profit, he’s going to take that deal. He’d take it from Hillary Clinton.”

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