Pediatric Nurse And Strident Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaxxer Has Died From COVID

Pediatric Nurse And Strident Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaxxer Has Died From COVID

Dianna Rathburn’s anti-mask speech in August to the Lowell School Board went viral. A month later she was dead from COVID.


One of the more “requested” entries on sorryantivaxxer. According to this obituary Dianna died on September 27, 2021. She’s making the rounds on twitter right now as the Nurse who presented “evidence” at the Lowell, MI school board meeting. We know she’s an anti-masker, was she also and anti-vaxxer?

They then show some of her social media posts which are the usual dribble from the anti-mask crowd, before one of her links to an article on a fringe website purportedly telling about the ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccines. So it’s not a stretch to infer that she was also an anti-vaxxer as well.

All very odd coming from an RN of thirty-five years, a pediatric nurse. But perhaps her MAGA cultism was stronger than anything else. Anyway, she’s dead at age 57. Not only a preventable death but she probably convinced others to follow her to an early grave.

Dianna Rathburn just died of covid. Her speech to Lowell (MI) School Board: “I have here one printout of 47 studies that confirm the ineffectiveness of masks for covid.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 1, 2021

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 1, 2021

Meet pediatric nurse Dianna Rathbun of Michigan. She gave a very impassioned speech against masks and CRT at the Lowell School Board meeting on August 9th and three days ago she died of Covid. The speech video is linked below.

— Michigan Tea (@MichiganTea) October 1, 2021

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