Psaki Hits Doocy With The I-Word (No, Not Idiot)

Psaki Hits Doocy With The I-Word (No, Not Idiot)

Who knows what was going through Peter Doocy’s alleged mind when he asked Jen Psaki the following deeply dishonest question:

“Lindsey Graham said that he has heard from the CBO that they’re gonna do an alternative cost estimate, and that it’s gonna cost more and add more to the debt,” he began. I’m not sure what the “it” is, probably the Continuing Resolution that just passed, but honestly, it doesn’t even matter for these purposes. “So is there any thought around here to maybe waiting for Build Back Better until a month that you don’t have this big miss in the jobs report?”

So nasty. So mansplainy. So condescending. As if

the jobs report was actually a big miss,

In 2017, the #JobsReport showed 227K jobs and unemployment drop to 4.6 percent.

In Feb 2020, 225K jobs added was considered “robust.”

Now, in 2021, 210K jobs added and unemployment drops to 4.2%, but the sky is falling?!

Y’all are full of shit.

— BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) December 3, 2021


she’d fall to her knees in gratitude for that brilliant suggestion on how the Biden administration should govern!

As always, Psaki was ready.

“There’s a lot of things gathered into that question. Let me do the best I can for you, here. In terms of the report of a new CBO, that is not exactly how it works,” she said.

Uh, oh. You mean, she knows better than he does how government works? I’m SHOCKED.

She then smacked him with this little nugget: “There has been, and let me just start with the irony, here, that there’s an irony that a number of Republicans who forced an unpopular tax giveaway to the rich that increased our debt by two trillion dollars, and certainly didn’t ask for a score in a continuation of that legislation that did add to the deficit, are now asking for a score, an additional score, post this bill being concluded for something that isn’t even going to be law. They’re asking about a potential continuation of these components of the package, and again, that the president has said he would pay for.”

Ouch. We all know Doocy’s well-versed in hypocrisy, but irony isn’t his strong suit.

Then came her laser sharp psychoanalysis, which was just a bonus.

“I can’t get into the psyche of why. I would suggest it might be, have something to do with their opposition to raising taxes on corporations. That seems to get under their skin a little bit. We disagree with them on that front,” she explained. But she finished with why the CBO isnt exactly the only source for the administration in determining the costs and savings of each fiscal decision.

“I would say the CBO has put out a score, a number of economists have put out scores. We have outlined in the past that CBO does not have a great deal of experience in scoring components like the IRS tax savings. That’s something that the former head of the CBO has also spoken to in the past, and that there are estimates about those cost savings that lead to not only our assessments of the costs and savings from the package, but the assessments by many economists.”

So maybe, just maybe, Doocy should keep his insulting, ignorant mouth shut.

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