Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Is Bogged Down And Experiencing Shortages

Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Is Bogged Down And Experiencing Shortages

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is not going as planned, as the Russian forces are bogged down and experiencing shortages of ammo and fuel.

Video of CBS National Security Correspondent David Martin on Face The Nation:

Martin said on CBS’s Face The Nation:

The Russians have basically bogged down. They are still about 20 miles from the capital of Kyiv, and they are starting to experience shortages of fuel, shortages of ammunition, and it is turning into a siege. They are starting to use rockets which the aim is less precise than missiles. Using rockets to bombard the city. The fact the Russians are bogged down may be good news for the defense of Ukraine but bad news for the citizens of Kyiv because it puts them in even greater danger of being harmed.

Russia has now committed about two-thirds of those 150,000 troops they had massed around the border 100,000 troops. It has not been able to take a major city. You have to look at it and say they still have 50,000 there on the border ready to commit and lots more troops back in mother Russia. They may be suffering an embarrassment of arms, but I think most people still expect a breakthrough will come. 

The invasion of Ukraine is not going as Putin planned. The Russian troops have not been able to quickly overrun the country, and with sanctions about to devastate Russia’s financial sector and banking industry, a protracted conflict could be very costly for Putin.

The gap in military capability is massive between Russia and Ukraine, which is why the west must move to give the Ukrainians everything that they need because Putin’s invasion could turn into a long war.

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