QAnon Expected JFK Jr. To Appear At Rolling Stone Concert

QAnon Expected JFK Jr. To Appear At Rolling Stone Concert

Fans of the QAnon movement regrouped on Tuesday after John F. Kennedy Jr. did not show up at Dealey Plaza in Dallas as they had expected.

The QAnon believers began gathering in Dealey Plaza on Monday evening. People on the scene said that they expected the former president’s dead son to reveal himself Tuesday at 12:29 p.m. to reinstate Donald J. Trump as president.

But when JFK Jr. failed to show himself on Tuesday afternoon, the word quickly spread that his reemergence would take place at a Rolling Stones concert in Dallas later in the evening.

One QAnon believer explained on a live stream that many dead celebrities were expected to turn up on Tuesday.

“They said dead people would be walking around,” the woman said. “I’ve been looking for people. Somebody said yesterday they think they saw Dale Earnhardt. We think we saw Robin Williams. Thoroughly excited.”

“There’s going to be even more tonight it sounds like too,” she added. “At the Rolling Stones concert.”

One person who was interviewed was reportedly “convinced” that Mick Jagger would bring JFK Jr. on stage. Another believer said that the dead celebrity would be opening the concert for the Stones.

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