QAnon Meets And Insists Trump Is Patton's Heir

QAnon Meets And Insists Trump Is Patton's Heir

So ha ha funny there’s this sect of the QAnon movement that expected JFK Jr. to not only be secretly alive, but also to show up at Dealey Plaza this week and announce he is Trump’s running mate for 2024.

HUNDREDS of people showed up for this baloney, showing off TRUMP/KENNEDY banners, t-shirts, and other merch-for-chumps.

On Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow showed a video of Qanon podcasters discussing the “bloodlines! It’s all about the bloodlines!” of Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy Jr. They somehow coalesce around Mango Mussolini being the biological child of General George S. Patton. Podcaster “M.L.” spoke to a guy named Mike Penny about it:

M.L.: General Patton is the grandson of Abraham Lincoln.

MIKE PENNY: Lincoln, yeah.

M.L.: All right. General Patton had a brother which was Benito Mussolini as well who came — so General Patton was the son of William Wallace Lincoln. Benito Mussolini was the son of Thomas “Tad” Lincoln, all right?

Joseph Kennedy, the older brother of John F. Kennedy, presumed dead in World War II, was not dead. He went into hiding for protection. He had children. Joseph Kennedy begat General Michael Flynn who happens to be first cousins to John-John and his siblings as well.

Trump is the biological son of General Patton which makes him first cousins to John-John and the Kennedys as well. It`s all about the bloodline! It`s all about the bloodline!

It also has something to do with the Rolling Stones concert in town.

JFK Jr. was supposed to show up in Dallas and then magic would happen and Trump would be president again.

We need mental health trucks in Texas.

Thing is, this has moved from the internet to the street. That’s not nothing. When Americans are looking to magical thinking rather than elections, that’s dangerous.

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