Radical GOP Rep. Defames Ilhan Omar During Islamophobia Debate

Radical GOP Rep. Defames Ilhan Omar During Islamophobia Debate

Have you ever wondered if there is a bottom to Republican douchebaggery?

There is none.

Defamatory rhetoric is their only political tool, as Rep. Scott Perry proved while debating a bill about condemning Islamophobia.

Rep. Perry from Pennsylvania, who adamantly tried to overthrow the 2020 presidential election is now taking the reins of the disgusting House Freedom Caucus.

Perry displayed his sophistry by making some of the most heinous remarks I’ve heard about another colleague during any debate on any bill.

Directing his racism and bigotry at Rep. Ilhan Omar, the scumbag accused her of being aligned with a terrorist group.

“American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay terrorist organizations, organizations that the maker of this bill is affiliated with, like the one that’s an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in the United States of America’s history,” Perry snarled.

This conservative bigot outright slandered Rep. Omar to the fullest. Of course, he never specifically said how she was tied to a group like that because Omar wasn’t.

The New York Times dug deep to try and uncover what he was alluding to.

The attack was a convoluted reference to a case more than a decade ago against the Holy Land Foundation, an Islamic charity that in 2008 was convicted of funding Islamic militant groups. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a human rights group, was one of nearly 250 organizations and individuals named as co-conspirators.

The federal government at the time said it had included the organizations on the list to extract evidence for the trial, but the district court and a federal appeals court ruled that making the list public was a mistake. A decade later, the council, which is modeled on the Anti-Defamation League, honored Ms. Omar, who gave a speech to its California chapter.

None of that information was imparted by Mr. Perry.

Rep. Debbie Dingell had Perry’s words stricken from the record and Scott was barred from speaking again Tuesday night.

Not surprising that Perry and every other Republican are against a bill which simply creates an envoy in the State Department to combat Islamophobia, given their own Islamophobia.

Outside of spreading the BIG Lie, they wouldn’t have much to say otherwise. Perry just proved how much they need such a bill.

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