Rand Paul Demands Federal Funds 'For Me, But Not For Thee'

Rand Paul Demands Federal Funds 'For Me, But Not For Thee'

During his career in the Senate, Rand Paul has opposed all federal assistance for every state faced with a natural disaster.

Paul voted against federal relief for Hurricane Sandy in 2013, for Puerto Rico in 2017 for Hurricane Maria, and in 2019, “he voted against a sweeping bill that earmarked $17.2 billion in disaster relief funding to several federal agencies.”

Now that Kentucky has been slammed by a vicious tornado, he’s all in on federal aid in a time of crisis.

Senator Paul sent this letter to President Biden, demanding immediate approval for federal assistance:

This morning I sent a letter to @POTUS asking for expeditious approval of any request for federal assistance by our Governor. If you are a Kentuckian & need assistance with federal agencies following the devastating & deadly storms, please contact my KY office at 270-782-8303. pic.twitter.com/7t01njodwY

— Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul) December 11, 2021

CNN’s John Avlon highlighted the many times Paul refused to help other states facing disaster.

Avlon said, “Rand Paul has a long record of posing federal aid for disaster victims, except, apparently, for when it impacts his constituents. Suddenly, all of those reflexive attacks on ‘socialist big-government spending’ don’t seem to apply.”

This level of hypocrisy by Rand Paul is astounding, but not unexpected these days from charlatans like the Kentucky Senator.

Republicans in Congress have no conscience when it comes to helping Americans when they are suffering, especially when it comes after a natural disaster.

What’s most important to them is the degree to which they play their performance act to their cultists.

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