Reminder: Chris Christie Doesn't Deserve Benefit Of The Doubt

Reminder: Chris Christie Doesn't Deserve Benefit Of The Doubt

Chris Christie is selling a book. But more than that, he’s selling himself as the truthteller of the Trump administration, and the obvious person to lead the Republican party back to victory. So in the interests of balance, I thought we’d take a little walk down memory lane.

I wrote this back in 2012 — interesting, because Christie is not and has never been a reform politician. But also because it’s a look at the root cause of New Jersey’s high taxes — namely, one Christine Todd Whitman, who undercut the state’s pension fund in 1997 for (you guessed it) TAX CUTS, and replaced it with a pension bond. Since then, the state has struggled just to keep up with the interest payments.

With Gov. Chris Christie, It’s Corrupt Business As Usual

I wrote this back in 2013, and it contains one of my favorite Christie tidbits: Statehouse lobbyist Chris Christie worked to remove securities fraud from a consumer fraud act on behalf of an organization run by one Bernie Madoff.

Long Ago, Chris Christie Lost The Benefit Of The Doubt

On the eve of his 2013 reelection, I wrote: “Let me give you the short version: If you read all this, and you still intend to vote for this corrupt, dangerous man — because he entertains you with his act, you’re a f*cking chump. Good luck with that.”

Why New Jerseyans Should Not Vote For Chris Christie Tomorrow

As I wrote in 2011, he is completely a creature of Wall Street.

Presidential Hopeful NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Where Wall Street Leads, He Follows

While Christie Blames State Pensions, NJ’s Money Goes To Fat Wall Street Management Fees

In summary: Chris Christie is a ruthless, ambitious tool of the special interests who, while strategically backing away from Donald Trump, fully embraces Trumpism. Don’t believe a word he says.

(Here’s a bonus. Over the years, I’ve learned his poker tell. When Christie is lying, he opens his eyes wide and doesn’t blink. You’re welcome.)

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