Rep. Connolly: Congress Must Enforce Subpoenas With Sergeant-at-Arms

Rep. Connolly: Congress Must Enforce Subpoenas With Sergeant-at-Arms

On Monday, Rep. Gerry Connolly told MSNBC that it’s time Congress takes over and starts forcing their own subpoenas. And yes, that may include arresting those who refuse to appear.

Connolly joined Nicolle Wallace and discussed the process Congress once used to compel witnesses to testify. Many Trump administration officials and former sycophants are thumbing their noses at all congressional subpoenas.

Connolly said, “So we used to have a process, until 1930, from the beginning of the republic to 1930, in which Congress enforced its own compulsory testimonies — subpoenas.”

“And that meant that, if necessary, we sent the Sergeant-at-Arms or its equivalent and arrested people and detained them until they cooperated with the congressional subpoena.”

Host Nicole Wallace asked, “You think it’s time for Congress to enforce its own subpoenas?”

“I do, because I think the Justice Department takes too long, And I think the courts take too long,” Connolly replied.

“We need to be getting things done in real-time. People died because of the conspiracy that these people were involved in, to overthrow the election on January 6, and that’s a very grave matter,” he said.

“We’ve got to act swiftly, expeditiously and we can’t rely on the courts to enforce our subpoenas,” Rep. Connolly said.

Since Merrick Garland is dragging his feet and nothing is being done on congressional subpoenas, they need to do this immediately.

The Trump cult is a criminal con, imitating a Mafia organization. Trump pardoned felony convictions of his cronies so they can continue corrupting US politics and the federal government.

Without swift action, they will continue to do so.

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