Report: Breitbart Responsible For Much Of Facebook's Climate Misinformation

Report: Breitbart Responsible For Much Of Facebook's Climate Misinformation

In a new a study by the nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) shared with the Washington Post, Breitbart, along with nine other publishers are responsible for nearly 70 percent of all climate change misinformation on Facebook.

We’ve already learned Facebook refused to remove Breitbart from the News Tab, which caused Facebook employees much angst.

But now we have proof: Facebook elevates right-wing misinformation and hate above all credible news sources and progressive news sites like C&L. While Breitbart is responsible for much of the lies, the report lists 10 sources amplifying them: Breitbart, Western Journal, Newsmax, Townhall Media, Media Research Center, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, Russian state media, Patriot Post and The Federalist (which the report erroneously lists as “The Federalist Papers). Between these sites, they have 186 million followers on Facebook. They also amplify one another. Breitbart was number one, with Western Journal in a close second.

The Federalist’s climate-denying propaganda was another primary source, which makes sense since they’re funded by the Koch network of climate deniers and oil barons.

These sites are making millions of dollars from Google ads, while filling the public with lies and anger.

“Facebook and other social media companies make money when they send users down rabbit holes of climate change denial,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said in a statement to The Post about the report. “That’s a very dangerous business model for the future of the planet. It’s hard to tell which is more disgusting: Facebook propagating this disinformation or the fossil fuel industry funding it.”

What’s just as despicable is these right-wing websites that peddle lies and conspiracy theories know all too well what they are doing to this country.

Following side-by-side are congressional Republicans who funnel this propaganda throughout radio, television and Internet streaming services.

There is a place in hell for all of them, if they don’t turn the planet into a living hell first.

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