Republicans Could Be Headed For Disaster In Wisconsin As State GOP Implodes

Republicans Could Be Headed For Disaster In Wisconsin As State GOP Implodes

The weight of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories and lunacy has destabilized the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Wisconsin Republicans Are Collapsing Under Conspiracy Fueled Insanity

Politico reported on the Wisconsin GOP:

The entire party has been erupting on a near-daily basis here. In recent weeks, several county parties have called on the state’s longtime Republican Assembly speaker, Robin Vos, to resign, accusing one of Wisconsin’s most reliable conservatives of doing too little to pursue baseless claims the 2020 election was rigged. Other local party leaders are objecting to — or considering ignoring — the state party’s endorsement process in critical midterm elections, arguing it’s exclusionary. 


It may have disastrous implications for the party in the fall of what otherwise looks like a favorable year for Republicans across the electoral map, undercutting fundraising and turnout efforts in the GOP’s bid to reelect Sen. Ron Johnson and to unseat the state’s Democratic governor, Tony Evers.

The Wisconsin Republican Party Is Crumbling

Pre-Trump there was talk that the Republican Party in Wisconsin was unbeatable. A few short years under Trump’s thumb and they are a mess of chaos and dysfunction. It is like all of the worst elements of Trump’s personality have infected the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Republican primaries all around the country are getting expensive as Trumpers fight with each other and non-Trumpers in a multi-ring circus where many candidates seem just as interested in tearing the Republican Party apart as they are winning elections in November.

If Republicans have a terrible midterm election, it will be because Donald Trump drove them straight off of the cliff. If Wisconsin is an example of what is coming, Republicans could be in for a disappointing midterm election.

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