Right-Wing Attacks Kamala Harris For Buying Cookware

Right-Wing Attacks Kamala Harris For Buying Cookware

[Above, Kamala Harris on the campaign trail in Iowa, 2020. She COOKS for FUN. — eds.]

There is never a story too extreme or too phony for right-wing media outlets to attack Democratic politicians. Their sole purpose is to fuel right-wing outrage.

What looks like a parody article but is instead labeled as “EXCLUSIVE,” the Washington Free Beacon (yeah) reports Kamala Harris Bought $375 Pot on Paris Trip

The Beacon is infuriated that the Vice President was spent €516 on a serving dish and a frying pan overseas.

One has to wonder if the Beacon “reporters,” Brent Scher and Adam Kredo, cook at home. Do they use POTS and PANS when they do?

Have they seen what a good pot costs? Maybe they live off drive-through meals and take out.

And I always love how wingnuts can always find a single unnamed person, call them a critic, and make believe they speak for the entire country.

The Biden administration has stressed the need to “buy American,” calling for a “whole-of-government” effort to support American manufacturing.

An American visiting Paris at the same time as Harris said he visited the store as well and was shocked when a store clerk told him what Harris bought, given the economic challenges back home.

“I was surprised that our vice president was out purchasing boutique pans in Paris,” the tourist told the Free Beacon. “She proclaimed at a press conference just a day earlier that her focus was on the American worker.”

I repeat, this is not an article from The onion.

Kamala Harris has faced this type of lunacy ever since Biden tapped her as his VP nominee in 2020. The double standards against her in terms of both gender and race get more ridiculous as each day passes.

The mainstream media all but forgot about VP Mike Pence, during his run as VP, even after he was tapped to lead the COVID Task Force. Remember how he was always pushed aside by Traitor Trump? The only times Pence became relevant to the press was first, when Trump said Michael Flynn lied to Pence during RussiaGate, so Flynn got fired. Then much later when seditious Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol and tried to hang him.

But in only a few months the press has been reporting non-stop on these moronic attacks on the current VP.

In his newsletter, Eric Boehlert writes, “The media’s glaring new double standard for first woman VP.”

The recent frenzy of gotcha stories, which perfectly reflects petty, right-wing attacks on Harris, represents an entirely new way of covering a sitting vice president. None of the white men who previously served in that position were put under this kind of a microscope, and certainly not months into their first term. “News outlets didn’t have beat reporters who focused largely on covering Dick Cheney, Joe Biden or Mike Pence, but they do for Harris,” the Post’s Perry Bacon noted. “Her every utterance is analyzed, her exact role in the Biden White House scrutinized.”

Worse, the premises used to support the steady drumbeat of negative, nit-picky coverage revolve around dopey optics and pointless parlor gossip.

If you’re mad about what Kamala Harris paid for cookware, wait until you find out how much the last president paid in federal income taxes.

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