Right Wingers Lie That Nancy Pelosi Bought Florida Mansion

Right Wingers Lie That Nancy Pelosi Bought Florida Mansion

Not a day that goes by that right wing kooks don’t concoct some phony outrage to keep their lunatic fringe angry and engaged.

It’s almost always a lie, but wingnuts like Sara Carter and Sean Hannity love to feed the conservatives’ zeitgeist of misinformation and hate.

Some website called Big League Politics started the phony story with this headline: Online Rumors Suggest Nancy Pelosi Purchasing $25 Million Florida Home In Preparation for Exodus From California Dumpster Fire. Their original headline, which went out to Facebook and all the social media feeds, was: “California is a wonderful state no matter what the MAGA cultists try to claim.”

Their phony story was then picked up by Sara Carter, a frequent guest on Hannity, but look how the headline changed: “Pelosi Bought $25 Million, 11,000 sq ft Beachside Mansion…in DeSantis’ State of Florida!” Not so much, Sara.

Of course, Sean Hannity followed suit…

…Followed by the disgraced (pardoned) felon Dinesh D’Souza…

And then Governor Ron DeSantis ‘ spokesman got involved with spreading the lie…

And so on and so on.

The Bulwark reports that someone from Realtor.com, of all people, actually did a little investigating. And guess what? Nancy Pelosi did NOT buy a mansion in Florida.

I’ll wait for Hannity to go live on air tonight and apologize to the Speaker of the House for spreading “fake news”.

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