Rubin: Media Must Stop Treating Republican Politicians As Normal

Rubin: Media Must Stop Treating Republican Politicians As Normal

Formerly conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin detailed how Donald Trump normalized glorifying violence in the Republican Party, predicting that it’s only getting worse.

On MSNBC she said, “I am an ex-Republican, by the way.” Rubin based her opinions on Trump’s initial foray into the 2016 election, when he asked his supporters to beat up his critics, and continued the list all the way through his presidency until now, “to the point where now virtually the entire Republican Party is whitewashing that affair, (Jan 6 insurrection) trying to downplay it.”

She continued, “Now you have not only [Rep.]Gosar, but people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, other people who use violent imagery, who intimate how violence is going to result if they don’t have elections that go their way. We have an explosion of threats and intimidation directed at local officials both school boards and voting officials.”

“And when the Attorney General of the United States says he intends to investigate it, you have an absolute temper tantrum from members of the Republican Senate. ‘How dare you question parents?'” she said mockingly.

It’s a question of holding people responsible for violent threats and violent actions.

Rubin put the blame on the mainstream media for normalizing these fascists.

“I have to say the mainstream media is part of this. They cover these issues, and they go right back having Republicans on talk shows asking them about other issues. Allowing them to air their phony grievances, rather than grilling them incessantly on why they tolerate this behavior. This is fascistic behavior. This is what fascist regimes do.”

She continued, “They intimidate, they threaten, they use the threat of violence, and this is absolutely intolerable, and it’s been going on for years now in the Republican Party.”

Rubin laid down the law.

“I think you also have to have some new ground rules for the media. I think they have to stop treating Republicans like normal politicians. They’re not normal politicians. This is not normal conduct.”

She’s right.

Republicans no longer adhere to what’s real and what’s fake, what’s a conspiracy and what’s proven.

Lies and tantrums are the GOP platform.

Wake the f**k up, MSM.

You’re helping to kill us all.

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