Rudy Giuliani Gets His Right-Wing Grievances Confused

Rudy Giuliani Gets His Right-Wing Grievances Confused

While talking to Steve Bannon’s anti-American War Room, the lying personal attorney got his right-wing grievances mixed up.

Jumping on the bogus critical race theory bandwagon, Rudy claimed teachers are actually teaching it and parents say their kids are wondering if they are girls or boys. What?

Giuliani played the same trick of getting testimonials from people that are MAGA cultists who didn’t mind lying during the 2020 election to claim a fraud was perpetrated.

“We got a hundred teachers claiming they’re teaching it in school. We got a thousand parents saying their kids come home and say. ‘mommy, am I a boy? So of course they’re teaching it…”

What are they teaching, Rudy? Critical race theory has nothing to do with gender.

Liars gotta lie.

It appears sometimes it’s really difficult juggling so many lies at once and they all blend in together for right wing liars like Rudy.

The only way Republicans can function in today’s world is with misinformation, conspiracy theories, and racist, homophobic tropes.

Rudy is at the head of the table, if he can only remember his name.

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