Rudy Giuliani Might Be Using The 1/6 Committee To Get Trump To Pay His Legal Bills

Rudy Giuliani Might Be Using The 1/6 Committee To Get Trump To Pay His Legal Bills

There is speculation from the legal community that Rudy Giuliani might be using the threat of 1/6 Committee cooperation to get Trump to pay his legal bills.

Dan Goldman recently said on MSNBC, “I think he may be floating this to show Trump he can cooperate. He can reveal a lot that would be damaging to Trump because Donald Trump has reportedly refused to pay Rudy Giuliani’s legal bills even though Trump is raking in campaign cash and using RNC money to pay for his own legal bills. He could use the campaign money to pay for Rudy Giuliani’s legal bills, and he is not. And this might be a shot across the bow to say you better be careful. I could reveal a lot about you, so you might want to take care of me.”

Video of Goldman:

Trump And Giuliani Have Been In  Prolonged Fight About His Legal Bills

Rudy Giuliani has been taking hits for Trump and doing his dirty work for at least a few years. However, when the stuff started to hit the fan, Trump refused to pay Giuliani’s legal bills.

There is a great deal of suspicion that Giuliani could be cooperating with the 1/6 Committee to avoid a criminal referral and get Trump to pay his bills.

Trump and Giuliani have been fighting about his legal bills for more than a year, and it is possible that Giuliani is using the 1/6  Committee to pressure Trump to pay for his legal bills.

One thing is certain. Big lie creator Rudy Giuliani is not out to help the 1/6 Committee get to the truth about Trump’s coup.

Giuliani is trying to save his hide, and if scaring Trump with the Committee is what it takes,  Rudy Giuliani will be ready to cooperate.

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