Russia’s Top Banker Can’t Hide His Despair During Meeting With Putin

Russia’s Top Banker Can’t Hide His Despair During Meeting With Putin

One picture tells the story as Russian Central Bank head Nabiullina had his head in his hand as he met with Putin.

Here is the picture:

A close-up of Russian Central Bank head Nabiullina and Putin economic adviser Oreshkin as they met with Putin today, via BBC and TASS.

— Anton Troianovski (@antontroian) February 28, 2022

Look at the second picture. That is the look of man who knows that the entire banking sector of Russia is in the process of being destroyed by sanctions imposed by President Biden and the west.

Every single day that Ukraine continues to fight hard and hold Putin is another day for the sanctions to strangle Russia.

The sanctions are working. Putin has a major problem. His offensive in Ukraine has bogged down. He and his military leaders are being criticized for poor planning and execution of the invasion.

Donald Trump called Putin a genius, which was the first sign that the Russian invasion was probably a really bad decision.

There is tons of Russian propaganda being disseminated, but a picture can tell more truth than a million disinformation efforts.

Putin didn’t expect the west and the world to unite around Ukraine. Russia is fighting more than Ukraine. Putin has picked a fight with most of the world.

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