Ryan Zinke's Montana 'Comeback' Is Straight Outta California

Ryan Zinke's Montana 'Comeback' Is Straight Outta California

Hey Montana voters, Trump’s former Interior Secretary would like a US House seat, but he’d rather spend his TIME with his wife and his yacht in Santa Barbara, ‘K?

Politico reports that “As a candidate, Zinke already has his share of questions to answer: It’s been almost three years since he resigned from the Interior Department amid a series of ethics scandals and federal investigations, some of which were referred to the Department of Justice. But in Montana, perhaps the most acute question now is about exactly where he lives.”

Ryan Zinke…

✅ is subject of 18 federal investigations
✅ is a DC lobbyist
✅ hasn’t lived in Montana for years
✅ supported a violent coup attempt against our country#mtpol #mtnews

— Tom Winter (@WinterForMT) April 29, 2021

The house he claims as his Montana residence is a Bed and Breakfast.

Far be it from me to give campaign advice to a Republican, let alone a member of Traitor Trump’s cabinet. But really, Zinke oughtta know that everybody can see his wife’s Instagram account, and that those beachfront wealth porn photos aren’t in Big Sky territory.

Secondly, if you are gonna run for office, you gotta brief your kids and their significant others. Zinke’s son’s girlfriend didn’t get the memo: “[W]hen a Politico photographer showed up at the address listed on Zinke’s campaign filings, she was met by Zinke’s son’s girlfriend, who said that she lived on the property but Zinke himself did not. Zinke’s campaign disputed the girlfriend’s claims but has refused to answer questions about how much time the candidate has actually spent in Montana.”

Don’t forget that this is the week Biden un-did at least some of the damage Zinke did while in office as so-called “Interior Secretary”

Restoring protections for these extraordinary landscapes is a reminder that former Secretary Ryan Zinke led the single largest attack on public lands in our country’s history. President Biden and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland are right to undo the damage done by Zinke.

— MTConservationVoters (@MTvoters) October 8, 2021

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