Senate Report: Trump Deeply Involved In Trying To Overturn Election

Senate Report: Trump Deeply Involved In Trying To Overturn Election

The Democratic majority report of the Senate Judiciary Committee spelled out Trump’s attempted coup, and the Republican minority report looked at the same evidence and said, “No biggie!” While the media is sort of covering the shocking details, it’s not getting the same attention that, say, a missing Instagram influencer would get. Via the NYTimes:

WASHINGTON — Even by the standards of President Donald J. Trump, it was an extraordinary Oval Office showdown. On the agenda was Mr. Trump’s desire to install a loyalist as acting attorney general to carry out his demands for more aggressive investigations into his baseless claims of election fraud.

On the other side during that meeting on the evening of Jan. 3 were the top leaders of the Justice Department, who warned Mr. Trump that they and other senior officials would resign en masse if he followed through. They received immediate support from another key participant: Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel. According to others at the meeting, Mr. Cipollone indicated that he and his top deputy, Patrick F. Philbin, would also step down if Mr. Trump acted on his plan.

Mr. Trump’s proposed plan, Mr. Cipollone argued, would be a “murder-suicide pact,” one participant recalled. Only near the end of the nearly three-hour meeting did Mr. Trump relent and agree to drop his threat.

Mr. Cipollone’s stand that night is among the new details contained in a lengthy interim report prepared by the Senate Judiciary Committee about Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure the Justice Department to do his bidding in the chaotic final weeks of his presidency.

Just finished reading the Senate Judiciary’s 394-page report entitled: “How the Former President and His Allies Pressured DOJ to Overturn the 2020 Election.”

It’s worth your time to read the whole thing.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 7, 2021

As you digest the Senate Judiciary report on Trump-Meadows-Clark effort to enlist Justice Department to overturn the election.

This prescient analysis helps frame key criminal law issue at hand.

The Political Coercion Act 18 USC 610


— Ryan Goodman (@rgoodlaw) October 7, 2021

BREAKING: Report finds Trump allies Rep Scott Perry (R-PA), PA State Sen. Doug Mastriano, and Trump campaign advisor Cleta Mitchell, who had links to the “Stop the Steal” movement and the January 6 insurrection, participated in the pressure campaign against DOJ.

— Senate Judiciary Committee (@JudiciaryDems) October 7, 2021

Just look at Trump’s statement from the newly released Senate Judiciary report, “Subverting Justice: How the Former President & His Allies Pressured DOJ to Overturn the 2020 Election.” For gosh sakes, indict him already! The criminal conduct is beyond dispute. And #JusticeMatters

— Glenn Kirschner (@glennkirschner2) October 7, 2021

The US Senate Judiciary Committee report ends with recommending the Jan. 6 Select Committee investigate the @PAGOP for their role in aiding Trump’s efforts to subvert the election, including specifically Perry and Mastriano.

— J.J. Abbott (@jjabbott) October 7, 2021

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