Sinema Pursued Into Bathroom By Activists, Biden Unimpressed

Sinema Pursued Into Bathroom By Activists, Biden Unimpressed

This past weekend, Arizona voters, activists who helped Krysten Sinema get elected to the Senate, were so frustrated by her lack of accountability that they followed her into a restroom to demand answers.

🔴BREAKING: Blanca, an AZ immigrant youth confronts @SenatorSinema inside her classroom, where she teaches @ ASU. “in 2010 both my grandparents got deported bc of SB1070…my grandfather passed away 2 wks ago & I wasn’t able to go to Mexico bc there is no pathway to citizenship.”

— LUCHA Arizona (@LUCHA_AZ) October 3, 2021

We wouldn’t have to resort to confronting @senatorsinema around Phx if she took meetings with the communities that elected her. She’s been completely inaccessible. We’re sick of the political games, stop playing with our lives.
“Build back better, back the bill!”

— LUCHA Arizona (@LUCHA_AZ) October 3, 2021

Joe Biden, at his press conference this morning, was not impressed, calling her experience “part of the process” when you don’t have secret service protection.

There is an answer for Krysten Sinema. Meet with your own voters.

The AZ Dem Party executive board asked Sinema to hold three in-person town halls to help support statewide organizing efforts. She punted the question to staff without a commitment. If she doesn’t want to have public town halls, constituents must confront her everywhere.

— Brianna Westbrook (@BWestbrookAZ8) October 3, 2021

And Sinema is in this situation because she doesn’t hold town halls, doesn’t meet with constituents (outside of wealthy donors), and apparently doesn’t have her office answer calls. A big part of her job is receiving feedback from her constituents. Shame they are pushed to this.

— Snarky Lawyer (@SnarkedUpLawyer) October 4, 2021

New headlne: Constituents who have been emailing, calling, requesting town halls for a year with zero response, are pissed and forced to track Sinema down wherever they can find her and demand answers as she one again flees the scene.

— MASKS KEEP SCHOOLS OPEN (@catchatori) October 4, 2021

If it becomes clear that the only way to influence a congressperson is by giving them money, then people without money are going to bother them in the bathroom. That’s the deal.

— Cody Johnston (@drmistercody) October 3, 2021

And from my colleague Susie Madrak:

I was lectured about confronting Pat Toomey at the cash register of a local restaurant. We’d just had a massive train accident and Pat was the one holding up the funding for Postive Train Control. Toomey is also famous for not talking to constituents. /1

— Suburban Guerrilla Ω (@SusieMadrak) October 4, 2021

I reminded him that his political games affected real people, in the real world, and that people were now dead because of his austerity bullshit. I don’t regret it and I’d do it again.

— Suburban Guerrilla Ω (@SusieMadrak) October 4, 2021

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