SNL: Newsmax Kids Presents 'Ted Cruz Street!'

SNL: Newsmax Kids Presents 'Ted Cruz Street!'

Ted Cruz really hates “Numbers” and “Kindness.” But you know what he hates even more? Oversized puppets encouraging kids to get life saving vaccines. THAT IS WHERE HE DRAWS THE LINE, PEOPLE.

Newsmax Kids envisioned a right wing themed neighborhood show where Ted Cruz hosts a show called “Ted Cruz Street.” Protected from “wokeness,” the kids are pro-eagle and pro-gun. And of course, the right’s poster child for total dumbness (not Boebert!) – Margerine Taylor Gangrene joins with her AR-15 and Qanon propaganda! Yay, kids! We have Joe Rogan talking about…self felating! Borax baths to remove nano technology! And of course, CRT! No right wing show would be complete without the fear mongering about the fictional kids’ educational topic of CRT, right?

Aidy Bryant absolutely kills in her impression of Cancun Cruz, from her posture and mannerisms to her perfect wolverine wig and facial hair. She has his snark, his hubris and his general assh*leness down pat.

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