SNL: This Week, It Was The Best Trump Ever

SNL: This Week, It Was The Best Trump Ever

SNL’s new Trump is a smash, if the press and social media reaction is anything to go by. Via The Guardian:

After a brief, toothless, and ultimately pointless minute spent with antivaxx doofus and now Covid-contagious quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Pete Davidson, putting zero effort into his characterization, as per usual), Pirro welcomes Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin (Alex Moffatt).

The Republican is cagey about aligning himself too close with Trump, which makes for an awkward turn when the former president makes a surprise appearance on the show to take credit for Youngkin’s victory, as well as ramble about various topics, including Star Wars, Dune, Marvel’s Eternals, Chris Pratt, Mario, Santa Claus and more.

Beyond his uncanny ability to mimic Trump’s accent and singular speech patterns, Johnson’s impersonation works so well because he’s able to replicate the insanity and, even more importantly, the inanity of the ex-president’s stream of consciousness ramblings. This was something that Baldwin and the writers never really tapped into during Trump’s four years in office, but thankfully, the show seems keen on letting Johnson do his thing, as well they should. The studio audience – who, like the majority of home viewers probably aren’t familiar with Johnson’s prior work – were clearly blown away by him, alternately wheezing in laughter, gasping at the accuracy of it all and breaking out in applause not once, but twice.

Here’s one of the videos that got Johnson hired:

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