Steve Bannon Sends A Message To MAGA: Stand By

Steve Bannon Sends A Message To MAGA: Stand By

After getting bailed out, Steve Bannon claimed the January 6 insurrection that resulted in Capitol police being killed and the US Capitol ransacked is a matter of opinion and his free speech.

The absurdity of that statement is all you need to know about this. He was indicted for failing to respond to a Congressional subpoena, for which he claimed some sort of non-existent privilege.

Bannon’s Trumpian lawyer David Schoen yelled that Bannon has an obligation to honor executive privilege even though Bannon has no such protections, since: a) He had not worked in the White House since 2017; and b) President Biden has waived executive privilege exceptions.

Schoen then claimed plotting an insurrection is privileged because of national security, or something.

“This is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden,” Bannon yelled. “Joe Biden ordered Garland to prosecute me.”

“Nancy Pelosi has taken on Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, she should ask Hillary Clinton how that turned out.”

Bannon yelled that Pres. Biden ordered AG Garland to prosecute him from the tarmac, “We’re going on the offense,” he threatened.

Steve is claiming he’s coming after Nancy Pelosi, too.

As Aaron Rupar noted, Bannon repeatedly told his MAGA cult to “stand by,” a command reminiscent of Donald Trump’s admonition to the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” Lots of code words there for the faithful.

Bannon and his ingrates already went on the offensive on January 6th and haven’t stopped yet. He’ll use this as a fundraising tool and more fuel for his wingnut grievance brand of politics.

At one point, Bannon upped the absurdity by screaming he was fighting for liberals and their rights of free speech.

Bannon, like all of the MAGA culprits that were involved with the insurrection, care nothing for the rule of law, instead setting up a fascist regime set up to stifle all free speech in service of an egomaniacal man-baby.

Reuters had reported in October, “In its report released on Monday making the case for criminal contempt charges against Bannon, the committee said Bannon “relied on no legal authority to support his refusal to comply in any fashion,” and said his testimony is critical because he appears to have “had some foreknowledge about extreme events that would occur” on Jan. 6.”

That’s why he’s in legal hot water, and there’s no Donald Trump to pardon him out of it.

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