Steve Bannon Surrenders To FBI

Steve Bannon Surrenders To FBI

Steve Bannon just surrendered to the FBI after being indicted on criminal contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with the House committee investigating January 6.

Bannon, wearing a sh*t eating grin as he made his way out of his car, seemed to enjoy the attention from the press. Narcissism runs wild in the Traitor Trump universe.

Trying to overthrow a presidential election is nothing to smile about, but the MAGA cult revels in lawbreaking by their own.

The rules of law, any form of decency and morality, is out the window in favor of fascistic behavior.

Hopefully, Mark Meadows will be next, as well as every other subpoenaed person that refuses to comply with the January 6 Committee.

Happy Steve Bannon Surrendering to the Feds Day 🥳

— I Smoked Steve Bannon With Contempt (@BlackKnight10k) November 15, 2021

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