Steve Doocy's Lame Attack: Biden 'Not Going To Waukesha' For Thanksgiving

Steve Doocy's Lame Attack: Biden 'Not Going To Waukesha' For Thanksgiving

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy ranted against President Biden because during Thanksgiving he didn’t make Waukesha the nation’s #1 priority.

Doocy and all of Fox News never batted an eye when Trump spent most of his time, including every holiday, playing golf at his elitist country clubs instead of working at the White House.

But to continue with the faux outrage Republicans believe is their only political mission, Doocy skewered President Biden for not dropping everything and flying to Waukesha after the tragedy that befell their Christmas parade.

Doocy is pissed that Biden discussed the Rittenhouse horror in Kenosha, but he asked why the president isn’t going “to Waukesha.”

“You know, the nation’s heart has been broken over this and it would say a lot about the president if he were to go there.”

“But instead, he’s holed up at a billionaire’s place out in Nantucket and it looks like he can’t be bothered by it,” Doocy whined.

You know that’s a lie. If Biden went to Waukesha, Fox News would be screaming that Biden’s trip was only for a photo-op.

Suddenly after every crime in America, only a Democratic president is supposed to go to that town, or else they are deemed careless.

This comes from the people who slavishly bowed down to the most narcissistic president of all time.

Fox News is now dictating what the sitting president should say and do about every single criminal act in America

These creeps don’t even take a holiday from creating phony controversies. Sad!

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