Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself With Idiotic Cancun Tweet

Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself With Idiotic Cancun Tweet

The Senator from Texas has been Trumpified so much he doesn’t realize when he’s making himself the butt of his own douchebag jokes.

When the Texas power grid froze up in February, leaving his state in ruins and with no power, Ted ran down to Cancún with his family to escape the frosty problems entirely.

After he was caught in his shorts, Cruz immediately came back and tried to lie his way out of it. Suffice it to say, the damage was done.

After an embarrassing incident like that, you’d think a sitting senator would be smart enough not to ever mention it again, right?

Cruz, however, isn’t that smart. When he tried to attack Pres. Joe Biden for daring to take spending the weekend in his home state of Delaware, he unknowingly pwned himself.

Keep in mind, Biden wasn’t taking a vacation – all of the GOP was simply trying to frame it as such because they’re twisted, projecting hypocrites. But Cruz jumped in on what he thought would be the fun bandwagon and cut off his own d*ck in the process.

This is the GQP in all its glory.

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