Texas Landowners Ask 'Can I Shoot' Immigrants

Texas Landowners Ask 'Can I Shoot' Immigrants

Texas Land Commissioner and Attorney General candidate George P. Bush went on Fox and Friends for what basically was some free air time to aid in his campaign. The conversation started on Bush talking about how he was working with the governor, the legislature and other agencies to build a wall on their southern border since Joe Biden refused to feed into their bigotry and racism by ending Trump’s plan to build a yuuuuuge wall.

Bush then mentioned that he was also working with ranchers, farmers and other private landowners to get their cooperation by having them sign affidavits to arrest these asylum seekers to arrest and imprison them and for easements to build their physical symbol of their bigotry and racism. This in turn led to Bush mentioning that some landowners asked if they could shoot immigrants who crossed their property.

The Fox meatpuppet, on cue, conflated this to the NRA talking point by paraphrasing that the landowners were asking to carry and use firearms against the immigrants because they were supposedly so violent and threatening. What he really meant is that the landowners were asking to shoot those scary brown-skinned people that had the audacity to seek safety and a better life. Of course, not once did the subject of what Bush’s reply to these bloodthirsty landowners was mentioned.

Blowing dog whistles is one of Fox’s specialties, because if they can keep that fear and racism stoked, people will start tuning them out and they won’t be able to profit from their ignorance.

Normally, when a Republican says that all these anonymous people were asking for something like this, I tend to blow it off as the Republican just making shit up to help sell whatever self-serving scheme they were trying to push on people. However, in this case, I could find it plausible. A lot of Texans are depraved enough to want to do something like that.

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