The Duffy Klan Blames Gov. Evers For Rittenhouse Murders

The Duffy Klan Blames Gov. Evers For Rittenhouse Murders

Former reality TV star Rachel Campos-Duffy had on another reality TV show star, Sean Duffy, on to discuss the murders committed by Killer Kyle Rittenhouse. Just to make sure that the Duffy Klan was well represented, they also brought on their eldest daughter, Evita Duffy. Mini-Duffy’s claim to fame is being the editing manager of the Chicago Thinker, a right wing propaganda tabloid polluting the University of Chicago. Mini-Duffy was just so coincidently in Kenosha on the nights of the protests last year, with her armed boyfriend, at Momma Duffy’s request.

It didn’t take the Duffy Klan long to get right into the GQP/Trumpian talking points, and blaming Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers for Killer Kyle’s sociopathic behaviors:

Mini-Duffy: Yeah. so, I was there, I’m only 22. It was nothing like I have ever seen before in my life. It was like a third world country. The place was inflamed. Governor Tony Evers did not send enough help to Kenosha that night. And for three nights, actually, he let the city burn. So people were left to fend for themselves. When I was there, I saw people with baseball bats and pistols and shotguns. Anybody could have been Kyle Rittenhouse that night. In fact, when I went with my fiance, he was armed. Everybody was armed.

Mama Duffy: I didn’t let you go to Kenosha without him, and without him armed.

Mini Duffy: Right. That’s exactly right. It was crazy.

After a brief diversion to gripe about the Kenosha District Attorney’s Office, they went back after Evers. Hilariously, in his zealousness to kiss TFG’s orange ass, Sean Duffy said the quiet part out loud:

Can I make one political point here? The City of Kenosha is traditionally union Democrat [sic] town. Now it’s probably, you know, mid 40s Republican, mid 50s Democrat [sic] in the last election. Because of what happened in Kenosha, what Tony Evers didn’t do and what Donald Trump was trying to do, they actually voted for Republicans in the City of Kenosha. I think you saw that across Wisconsin. You see it in other states as well. If you can’t do your basic job in government, which to protect my business and protect people, and we have to do it ourselves with our own shotguns and AR-15s, something is wrong here and you don’t deserve to be in office. You don’t deserve to have the power to protect us, because you refused to do it.

So, it’s not only to rip on Evers, who is up for reelection in a year, but also to bolster Trump for his “comeback.”

Another tell that these are just GQP/TFG talking points, is that other Republicans have made the same argument almost verbatim on social media, including Ex-Governor Scott Walker and State Rep. Jim Steineke.

One of the many problems with this skewed logic the wingnuts are espousing is the simple fact that the only two deaths in the protests were the men Killer Kyle had shot. Not quite the pandemonium GOP is trying to depict. To paraphrase another one of their favorite talking points – the only person responsible for those two murders is the person who pulled the trigger.

But now that the GQP has made Killer Kyle their poster child, can we also do away with their claims of being pro-life once and for all?

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