The Republican Party Disrespects Biden On Presidents’ Day

The Republican Party Disrespects Biden On Presidents’ Day

The Republican Party put out a Presidents’ Day tweet that disrespected the current president, Joe Biden.

The RNC tweeted:

Happy Presidents’ Day!

— GOP (@GOP) February 21, 2022

Notice that 25% of the Republican presidents listed on the RNC’s tweet were impeached. The Republican Party honors Nixon and Trump but disrespects Joe Biden.

The RNC’s tweet is an example of the petty partisanship that has caused one of the two political parties to become a dysfunctional cult that is existing in another universe separate from the rest of the country.

There is no reason to show such disrespect to the sitting president. Joe Biden has never been under criminal investigation, nor has been impeached or thrown out of office on his ear by the voters.

Donald Trump is likely happy with the tweet, which is all that matters in the current Republican Party.

Republicans have no respect for America, democracy any longer.

Everything is viewed through a partisan lens, and the only presidents were celebrating are their previous failures (outside of Lincoln and Eisenhower).

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