The Unvaxed Fall Further Behind As America Prepares for 4th Booster

The Unvaxed Fall Further Behind As America Prepares for 4th Booster

This is what vaccines do, ideally, anyway. First, they get more sophisticated. Unless it is a vaccine against the Plague or Smallpox and is effectively “done,” companies that make vaccines continue to evolve the product to provide greater protection, usually at lower doses, with fewer side effects. It is called medical science and American companies, along with their employees, which surely include some Trump voters, are the best in the world.

So. Not only are you going to have to get used to an annual flu shot, one based upon their best guess as to the type of flu that might be encountered that year, but you should also get used to biannual COVID shots. As we have noted before, COVID is the new flu, though a little bit more random in its impact and a lot more deadly. Additionally, we know that exposure to the flu virus does not have long-term effects that pop up 20 years from now. We are not sure about COVID. Look at Chicken Pox, who saw shingles coming? Does COVID have little surprises in store for us? We don’t know.

According to Axios, we will now require another booster (fine by us, our previous ones have served us well), and – we hope, that the MAGAs who decide to get vaccinated (and more do, every day, it’s not a solid block) receive the enhanced versions that are better than the originals and that they are not “behind” if they simply vaccinate themselves today and in three weeks. We don’t particularly like MAGAs, we hate needless death.

According to Axios:

 ​​The potential future requirement for an additional boost or a fourth shot for mRNA or a third shot for J&J is being very carefully monitored in real time. And recommendations, if needed, will be updated according to the data as it evolves,” NIAID director Anthony Fauci told reporters last week.

The federal government plans to test new vaccines that combine multiple strains of the virus to find what offers the broadest coverage, a senior Biden administration official told Axios. The goal is to increase the odds of having a shot ready that works against whatever strain comes next.

Fourth doses are already authorized for immunocompromised people. However, for most people, data suggests that a single booster shot offers strong protection against severe disease, including from Omicron.

Unlike many conspiracy theorists like Rand Paul, we do not believe that Dr. Fauci spent 50 years working for the federal government, waiting for a chance to do truly devious research with China, lie to Congress, lie to the American people, support big Pharma, and sell us a vaccine that doesn’t work and kills more people than it saves. If Anthony Fauci wanted to support big Pharma he would have a job in big pharma, one that would pay five times his current government salary. (After 50 years as an MD he is around $400,000 per annum right now, a bargain).

Put it all together and we read the above as; “A fourth shot is coming just as soon as we see weakening from the first booster, and this fourth shot will be a mix of some of the best protection we have to offer.

Sounds perfect to us.

Jason Miciak

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