Traitor Trump Claims He Saved Christmas

Traitor Trump Claims He Saved Christmas

Did you know Trump was a miracle worker that saved Christmas?

You didn’t?

Neither did we.

And nobody else in the country did either.

Truth and reality are not part of the Trump sycophantic worldview he keeps.

Mike Huckabee, whose daughter was one of the biggest liars for the seditious ex-president ever exclaimed, “America went through a long period where people quit saying Merry Christmas.”

This, of course, is a lie.

Nobody stopped saying Merry Christmas. That was just a Fox News and evangelical ploy to grift their followers out of donations.

Happy Holidays became more expedient for storefront businesses to use because America is a melting pot with many types of people and religious and beliefs, and many different celebrated holidays during this season, but whatevs…

“It was all Happy Holidays, You deliberately changed that!” Huckabee fawned.

Trump knew what was coming, so he was ready to spin his bizarre tale.

“It was embarrassing for stores to say ‘Merry Christmas.'” he pontificated as if the Trump Organization didn’t send out “Happy Holiday” cards all the time. “You’d see these big chains, they want your money but they don’t want to say ‘Merry Christmas.'”

Oh, please.

“They’d use reds, they’d use whites and snow but they wouldn’t say Christmas!” Trump weirdly said.

OMG, it’s the color police.

I’d ask the families of the 800,000 dead Americans from COVID how Trump did for their holidays?

Republicans always pretend there is a crisis of some sort when there is not.

They call on another Reptilian to fix something that’s not broken.

And then they claim victory!

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