Trump Is Trying To Link Bogus 2016 “Spying” Allegation to 2020 Election Loss

Trump Is Trying To Link Bogus 2016 “Spying” Allegation to 2020 Election Loss

The 2020 election loss sits within Trump’s mind, likely bothering him more at this moment than the fact that his accounting firm dumped him this week. This is true despite the reality that the latter could ruin him, criminally and financially.

But the election? Business is just business, politics was “the score” and even though he never won a popular election, undeniably losing the score in the second, being the loser,  will sit in his head from now until the day he dies.

None of the above is new but it is an explanation as to how Trump can take a highly misleading “nothing” filed by Special Prosecutor John Durham Friday night, a motion about joint defense agreements that has become “bigger than Watergate” and link it to his loss in the 2020 election, and that is new,.

On Wednesday night, Trump put out two new statements that unify his never-ending grievance. They will now forever be elements of a greater conspiracy against him, covered up by the media. First Trump said:

Much of the now-uncovered espionage campaign of the Democrats breaking into the White House and my New York City apartment, took place after the 2016 Election as yet another way to undermine the upcoming 2020 Election. This spying into the Oval Office continued for a long period of time and further served to undermine and discredit the 2020 Election, along with massive ballot harvesting, phantom voters, and so many other things that made the Election a sham. The voting numbers were big and determinative!

Not a single sentence in the above paragraph is remotely true and the wording couldn’t be more inflammatory and irresponsible, Democrats “broke into the White House”?

His other statement:

Why isn’t the media asking who gave Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “plumbers” their orders? With Watergate it was the coverup that turned out to be the far bigger crime. With Hillarygate it is the Mainstream Media Coverup that is almost as big of a crime as the act of treasonous espionage itself. It is showing the world why our media is truly the enemy of the people!

The media isn’t asking because Durham has yet to find a crime, other than falsehood in an affidavit for a warrant, or what the Trump’s call a “process crime.”

It was only a matter of time before Trump joined the two grievances from two tough elections into a unified whole. As Trump circles the drain and the pressure increases from all sides, we will see increasingly wild accusations which will lump everything under one grand conspiracy to steal the 2020 election and keep him out of the 2024 election. This is a dangerous narrative, from 2016 to 2024, but it will now set in as MAGA dogma.


Jason Miciak

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