Trump Senior Staffer: 'We Killed Herman Cain'

Trump Senior Staffer: 'We Killed Herman Cain'

When Herman Cain was seen at Trump’s Tulsa rally back in July of 2020, it wasn’t a shock that he got infected with COVID.

Even though I was not his biggest fan, I didn’t not want to see him get the virus. Cain did and unfortunately he died.

Trump was more concerned with his self image, rather than protecting his staffers and those who supported him.

Jonathan Karl published an article in Vanity Fair with an excerpt of his new book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show” that reveals Trump senior officials believe they killed Herman Cain because of the indoor Tulsa rally during the height of Covid 19.

Karl goes to great length to describe the fiasco of the Tulsa event, which included infected staffers renting cars and driving 1,200 miles back to D.C..

“There was a car of three staffers who had tested positive that drove all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Washington, D.C.,” a senior advisor said. “We called it a COVID-mobile.”

Dozens of Secret Service agents had to quarantine after a couple of agents tested positive.

Herman Cain, who was 74, was photographed inside the arena without a mask, sitting jam-packed with a group of other well-known Trump supporters who were also not wearing masks. Days after testing positive, Cain was hospitalized. A month later, on July 30, Cain died from complications of the coronavirus. The news devastated Trump campaign staff. Many felt like they were to blame for his death. “We killed Herman Cain,” one senior staffer told Steakin not long after Cain’s death.

At least someone from the Trump orbit had a semblance of a conscience.

Mock the virus at your own peril and Cain did just that. It’s a shame.

If Trump was actually concerned with anybody else he would never have held a rally either indoors or out.

But the narcissistic baby needs his adoration.

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