Trump Statement Massively Backfires And May Get Him Deposed In NY

Trump Statement Massively Backfires And May Get Him Deposed In NY

Former US Attorney Joyce Vance said that Trump gave New York AG James an opening with his statement, and she is going to take it.

Video of Vance:

.@JoyceWhiteVance thinks that Trump set up to be deposed in New York, “Trump has really engaged and a self own here, that he has made her case to depose him better than she could’ve. I think she’s going to get those depositions scheduled.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 17, 2022

Vance said on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour:

Well, you know Donald Trump has already been fired by his accountants this week, it looks like he’s trying to double down and get fired by his attorneys as well. Because what’s happened here, you have to remember the context is about whether or not Tish James is going to get to depose Donald Trump and the two of his adult children. 

And so the response that his lawyers filed in court with their names on the pleading said, Donald Trump has no information relevant to these valuation issues on the statements that he can provide to Tish James in depositions. 

There is no reason he should be deposed. And he has contradicted his attorneys with so much specificity and detail in this written statement. Where he talks about valuation and says that he actually undervalued brand value and implies that there is a lot that he could offer in response to legitimate questions that Tish James has. And she has driven straight into that opening that he has given her. Making the point to the court that Trump has really engaged and a self own here, that he has made her case to depose him better than she could’ve. I think she’s going to get those depositions scheduled. 

Trump Thinks He Is Smarter Than The Lawyers, But He’s Not

The behavior has been a constant out of Trump. He doesn’t listen to his lawyers. He thinks that he is his own best publicity person and advocate. This attitude has constantly gotten him into trouble.

Trump’s five-page statement blew up in his face, and now it is likely to get him deposed.

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