Tucker Carlson Could Cost Republicans A Senate Seat In Ohio

Tucker Carlson Could Cost Republicans A Senate Seat In Ohio

The Ukrainian-American population in Ohio is very unhappy with Tucker Carlson’s anti-Ukraine/pro-Putin stance, and it could cost Republicans in November.

Tucker Carlson’s Pro-Putin Propaganda Could Hurt Republican Senate Candidates In Ohio

Politico talked to the Ukrainian Americans in Ohio, and the message was that state’s Republican Senate candidates should follow Tucker Carlson at their own peril:

Ohio now faces a pivotal Senate race that showcases the exit of a strong pro-Ukrainian voice in the GOP — retiring Rob Portman, who co-chairs the Senate Ukraine Caucus — and the rise of a decidedly un-Reaganesque style of Republican who doesn’t see why Ukraine is any of America’s business. 


This is perhaps a winning message for some of the GOP base, and it’s one that other prominent Republicans, including Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, have taken up in a departure from the party’s longstanding hawkishness on Russia. But it also threatens to alienate an entire community of Americans who, in my conversations in Ohio this month, denounced the isolationist forces they see in U.S. politics, whether on the populist right or the progressive left. In Ohio specifically, the loudest such voices are currently coming from the right — to Republicans’ potential peril.

Republicans Are Setting Themselves Up For Trouble In Ohio

It seems like a lifetime ago since Ohio was actually a swing state. It feels like Obama’s 2012 win in Ohio was in a different universe. The Buckeye State has only trended more Republican in the last decade, but the takeover of the Republican Party by the pro-Putin right presents an interesting problem.

With Biden getting good marks from Americans for his handling of the Russia/Ukraine crisis and the Republican Party following Putin propaganda minister Tucker Carlson’s lead, could Republicans be heading for trouble in Ohio?

The anti-communist Cold War-era Reagan Republicans have been by pro-Putin pro-authoritarianism Trump Republicans.

The Ukrainian-Americans consider themselves Republicans, but Tucker Carlson’s pushing of Putin propaganda could cost Ohio Republicans a Senate seat in November.


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