Tucker Carlson Embedded TV Crew In Killer Kyle's Trial

Tucker Carlson Embedded TV Crew In Killer Kyle's Trial

So here’s an interesting moment on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight where he advertises the fact that he’s had a film crew embedded in the Kenosha Killer defense for weeks now.

The interesting part of this isn’t actually in the Tucker Carlson segment as much as it is the segment on CNN with Chris Cuomo and Killer Kyle’s defense attorney, Mark Richards. When Cuomo asks Richards outright about whether Carlson did, in fact, do that, he admits that they did, though he did not approve, because “the people who were raising the money to pay for the experts and to pay for the attorneys were trying to raise money.”

Oh. And to be clear, Killer Kyle had the very best defense money could buy. In an earlier press conference, Richards talked about the mock juries he was running alongside the trial, a very expensive proposition. Kyle had a jury consultant, was groomed to look sweet and oh, so innocent in the courtroom every day, and of course he also had Richards, who was skilled enough to get him off.

When pressed by Cuomo to say who exactly decided Tucker Carlson had to be part of the deal to get the funding for the lavish defense, Richards replied, “The people who were raising money. It was–this defense was crowd funded through donations.”

“But who were the people making the calls about who got to have access to the process?” Cuomo pressed.

Richards said, “Kyle’s family and his adviser.”

Oh, I wonder who “his adviser” is, don’t you? I recall Mike Lindell and Rick Schroder raising the bail money. Do you suppose the “adviser” is the pillow guy?

Who requires a Fox News crew to make a documentary for Tucker Carlson in exchange for funds??? Hmmmmm?

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