Tucker Carlson Gaslighting: Praises 'Peacekeeper' Trump

Tucker Carlson Gaslighting: Praises 'Peacekeeper' Trump

A reminder that we shouldn’t fall for the bait that Tucker spreads nightly on his show. He knows he’s lying and I’m not “upset” by this lie. It’s just interesting how in servitude to both Trump and Putin this Republican mouthpiece feels he needs to be.

Tuesday night Tucker Carlson praised Donald Trump for never starting a needless war while in office. And says Democrats “impeached him for it”:

CARLSON: “So, say what you will about Donald Trump and his Twitter account, maybe you liked him, maybe you were appalled by his personal style. But in retrospect, if there’s one thing that Donald Trump deserves eternal credit for is keeping idiots like that in their box for four years. There were no pointless wars under Donald Trump. That is not a small thing in recent American history. In fact, it’s rarely happened over the past century. But through unwavering determination for which he has not gotten credit — if there’s one thing he deserves credit for, it’s this. Donald Trump pulled that off. He resisted again and again when members of Congress, guys from Raytheon, when all the interested parties pushed him to go to war here, there and everywhere, Donald Trump resisted that. And in Washington, above all, they hated him for that. In the end, they impeached him for it.”

Sure, he was way too busy golfing, Tucker. Plus, he insisted that if Ukraine wanted defensive weapons already approved by Congress, they would have to help Donald Trump politically by announcing an investigation into Hunter Biden. He did that on the phone. There’s audio proof of him saying “do us a favor though.”

“Just to summarize in this…call between the Presidents of the U.S. & Ukraine, [Trump] demanded a favor of [Zelensky] to conduct investigations that both of you acknowledge were for Trump’s political interest, not the national interest…?”

Vindman: “Yes.”

Williams: “Yes.” pic.twitter.com/DN9x7sQPCg

— House Foreign Affairs Committee (@HouseForeign) November 19, 2019

Tucker says it’s because Donald Trump loved peace so much that Democrats impeached him.

If we sued Tucker for that lie, his lawyers would note that “no reasonable person” would believe a word Tucker says.

“When Tucker Carlson says on his show “[r]emember the facts of the story; these are undisputed” no reasonable person would believe that he was about to state facts. At least, that was Tucker Carlson’s own argument in defending himself from a libel suit.”https://t.co/TheaiFjV0a

— alanrogers (@alanrogers123) October 28, 2021

The next judge should rescind any trademark for Fox that includes the word “news.”

But why is Tucker gaslighting us about Trump’s FIRST impeachment NOW?

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