Tucker Carlson Wants DOJ To Track Christmas Tree Burnings

Tucker Carlson Wants DOJ To Track Christmas Tree Burnings

Tucker Carlson ranted that he want to classify burning a Christmas tree as an attack on Christianity and to be considered a hate crime.

I mean, really? Murdering Black Americans over the color of their skin or beating the sh*t out and murdering LGBTQ folks for thinking differently is now on the same page as Christmas trees, a pagan tradition?

This sophomoric opinion all stems from the Fox News Fake Christmas tree being burned by a homeless man with mental health issues.

After listing several crimes against Christmas trees ( I kid you not), Tucker has an epiphany.

(I can imagine the look on the faces of Fox News producers when Carlson told them to Google every instance of an attack on a Christmas tree.)

“There seems to be quite a bit of Christmas tree destroying going on all of the sudden. What does it mean?” Tucker said in a stern voice.

Then he turned to the absurd.

A Christmas tree is a symbol. a symbol of a specific culture. a symbol of a much loved tradition hundreds of years old. above all, it’s a symbol of a religion, in this case the world’s largest religion. torching Christmas trees is an attack on Christianity.

Note: Christmas trees are not a Christian tradition — they were a pagan tradition which Germans adapted to Christianity.

But he didn’t stop there.

By current standards, destroying someone’s religious symbol would be called a hate crime.

What standard is that in America?

The DOJ can tell you precisely how many Korans were burned last year in the United States but they don’t keep track of Christmas trees. Why is that? Well, because they could care less.

WTF? Tracking Christmas tree arson? Yes, he called it Christmas tree arson!

There is nothing so trivial or unimportant that right wing idiots will not use to foster more anger and rage in their viewers.

if Tucker got a speck of dust in his eye he would tell all his viewers to keep an eye out for that liberal dust. It’s really a left wing plot to track you by dust waves. It’s just part of Fox News outrage machine. No more, no less.

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