Virginia GOP Racism Isn't A Dog Whistle, It's A Bullhorn

Virginia GOP Racism Isn't A Dog Whistle, It's A Bullhorn

Today is autopsy day for the Virginia gubernatorial election.

I’m sure lobbyists and Republicans are sending Joe Manchin fruit baskets, thank you notes, and congratulations for mucking up the entire Democratic agenda.

However, during the summer, Republicans ran on out-and-out racism.

On CNN’s New Day, host Brianna Keilar said part of McAuliffe’s undoing in the election was due to dog-whistle politics.

“Let’s be clear some of it was dog-whistle racism,” she said.

Keilar also mentioned that parents were dealing with anxiety from the lockdowns in schools.

I believe there is some truth to parents’ apprehension and anxiety from the lockdowns etc., but let’s face it: Republicans didn’t use a dog whistle to spew their racism in Virginia during the summer.

They used a goddam bullhorn.

Even the mention of slavery that lead to the freaking Civil War, a defining moment in America’s history, has now been canceled and is off-limits in K-12 classrooms, because of racist Republican Trump MAGA supporters.

CRT became a racist trope for racists to scream about racism.

Turns out they’ve rebranded as the anti-bogus “Critical Race Theory” party. Which is just like the Tea Party in that it’s based on white fragility, a helluva drug.

— Frances Langum 🧶 (@bluegal) November 3, 2021

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