Who Needs Elections???

Who Needs Elections???

In that Republicans believe every race they lose is faked, stolen, or undocumented, but every election they win is dandy, they finally came across a slogan that covers all the bases.

In Texas, they will just go ahead 11 month in advance of the election, and declare which districts they won.

Bianca Garcia of Latinos for Trump is running for a seat in the Texas state Senate in 2022 and she makes it clear that there's really no point in anyone else even running: "I have conquered it already. It is mine. I am claiming the victory." pic.twitter.com/Di4jlbUWw6

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) December 17, 2021

Bianca Garcia runs for office a lot, but has decided on Texas Senate District 11 this cycle. She has claims she cannot wear a mask because she has “a breathing problem.”

Other than that, she is pretty much QAnon central. She’s running on a three-part platform: faith, family, and freedom. And she says that it’s such a winning message that she has, in fact, already won despite opposition from “the establishment and the RNC itself.”

Damn, she makes it look easy, don’t she?

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