Wisconsin Lawmaker Still Trying Desperately To Overturn 2020 Election

Wisconsin Lawmaker Still Trying Desperately To Overturn 2020 Election

Wisconsin State Representative Timothy Ramthun (Q – Campbellsport) is again trying to decertify and overturn the 2020 election, even though there is no mechanism in the state or federal level for that to happen.

From Up North News:

The resolution seeks to achieve multiple far-right goals related to the election. The first is symbolic: formally designate the election as “fraudulent.” While various forms of election fraud are outlined as illegal under Wisconsin state law, the presence of fraud does not void the results of an election. (Out of 3.2 million votes cast last year, just four voters have been charged with fraud.)

The audit that the resolution would support is “a full forensic physical and cyber” undertaking, according to the document. Such an investigation would be reminiscent of the audit conducted of Arizona’s Maricopa County presidential election results by the company Cyber Ninjas earlier this year. The end result of that several-month process found no fraud and did not change the results of the election, but did result in the county spending $2.8 million to replace voting machines compromised by the amateurish inquiry.

He’s shared these conspiracy theories before with the same suggestions on how to go down the QAnon rabbit hole with the same results as all of the other audits and lawsuits filed by TFG and his MAGAt loyalists – absolutely nada, zip, zilch.

But this time, in an email he sent out to fellow legislators using official state email, he brings in a new “expert” – Matthew DePerno, a candidate for Michigan Attorney General. Ramthun never explains what makes DePerno an expert on Wisconsin law, unless he considers being another QAnon theorist as being an expertise.


The article indicates that Ramthun also has consulted with elections expert, Mike Lindell. And by consulted with, I mean went to that fiasco of a rally Lindell had in South Dakota.

The odd thing about Ramthun’s dreaming the impossible dream of overturning the election is the same as all the other conspiracy theorists. Namely, they all claim that only the presidential election was fraudulent. But all the down ticket races, which were disproportionately won by Republicans due to the extremely gerrymandered voting maps, are never in question. This shows just how diabolical and utterly clever the Democrats are, only tampering with one race but not affecting all these other election results.

Pure genius!

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