3 free agents from 2022 World Series the Braves should already be eyeing

3 free agents from 2022 World Series the Braves should already be eyeing

David Robertson is one of the best Atlanta Braves free agent targets appearing in the 2022 World Series. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

The Atlanta Braves aren’t playing in the 2022 World Series but there are some free agent targets they could pursue appearing in the games.

The 2022 World Series didn’t turn out to be a repeat of the 2021 championship round between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves. We only got half of the repeat as the Philadelphia Phillies managed to fend off the Braves this time around.

While Braves fans are at home watching the World Series unfold, the front office can start to look at some of the future free agents from both the Astros and Phillies to target.

Both clubs have a couple of players who could be good fits in Atlanta. It’s these three free agents from the World Series the two clubs should be eyeing most.

1) Braves free agent target from the World Series: David Robertson

David Robertson remains a passionate and talented pitcher. The Phillies acquired him at the trade deadline from the Chicago Cubs in what has turned out to be a pretty sweet addition for them. The Braves, with some needs of their own in the bullpen to address this winter, should consider him as an option.

Atlanta does have some questions at the closer spot. Kenley Jansen is a free agent yet not someone who performed well enough to automatically re-sign. They do have Raisel Iglesias under contract for a few more seasons. Is he the answer for them?

Robertson can give the Braves a couple of things. He brings with him a ton of playoff experience and two distinctive roles he can fill.

The Braves can stick with Iglesias as the closer and make Robertson a dangerous setup man in their bullpen. Or maybe they move Iglesias and allow Robertson to close games. We could even see them go with an in-season competition if they’re unable to determine which reliever is the better fit for the ninth.