40+ of the greatest NBA (and NBA-adjacent) Tweets of all time

40+ of the greatest NBA (and NBA-adjacent) Tweets of all time

September 26, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) poses for a Twitter post during media day at the Warriors Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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No one knows what the future of Twitter holds so we better celebrate while we can, with some of the greatest basketball Tweets of all time.

NBA Twitter has been an indelible part of the basketball experience for more than a decade but since Elon Musk bought Twitter a few weeks ago, the future of the platform has never seemed less certain.

While things are still up and running, let’s celebrate some of the greatest NBA and NBA-adjacent Tweets of all time.

TAke a look, y’all: IMG_4346.jpeg

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) May 27, 2015

I just taste for the first time a smothie..MAN GOD BLESS AMERICA😊

— Giannis Antetokounmpo (@Giannis_An34) January 20, 2014

I’m watching the History channel in the club and I’m wondering how do these people kno what’s goin on on the sun..ain’t nobody ever been

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) July 31, 2010

Osama shouldve hooped instead of tryna kill ppl cause he tall as hell!

— Terry Rozier (@T_Rozzay3) May 2, 2011

STEPHEN A: Skip I want to ADDRESS this issue.
[BAYLESS nods]
You KNOW I am sensitive to the Holocaust
BAYLESS: Absolutely

— napolese by birth, forum mod by gods grace (@Hegelbon) July 25, 2014

PF Chang’s waiter: “[Recites specials] Stephen A. Smith: (Acts surprised) “To me, that’s preposterous. Crab Rangoon, things of that nature.”

— David Roth (@david_j_roth) June 13, 2012

im at knots berry farms n my butts 2 big 2 fit in da seats on ride. ahhhhhh (dats me yellin)

— SHAQ (@SHAQ) August 20, 2009

I’m the only person ever with a rat tail and a NBA championship! Let that sink in!🏆

— Javale PIERRE 3Xs McGee (@JaValeMcGee) June 13, 2017

I’d like 2 apologize Jazz fans that were offended by my tweets. If I knew u guys had internet in Utah I would’ve never made those tweets.

— Vernon Maxwell (@VernonMaxwell11) March 9, 2017

U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!

— LeBron James (@KingJames) September 23, 2017

Accidentally hit a squirrel yesterday in my car. Feel so guilty I could barely sleep. Casey Anthony is a monster.

— Blake Griffin (@blakegriffin23) August 15, 2011

Can’t wait till we eat the rich and turn and see Tilman Frittata alongside us with a fork and a knife.

— Mehmet Okurrrt (@Natural_OneDurr) August 27, 2020

Walt Frazier trying to rhyme “Neal” with “thrill” while a replay of Quincy Acy getting kicked in the penis plays. KNICKS BASKETBALL ON MSG

— Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) November 3, 2014

Girl, are you Raymond Felton? Because you just let your man go straight to the hole.

— Yaya Dubin (@JADubin5) March 27, 2014

Bro my toilet clogged today so I called the plumber. I heard him crying when I was watching the cavs-Celtics games tonight & I thought it was cuz he had to unclog my shit. But he said hearing the game gives him nostalgia when he used to clothesline Jordan in the lane.

— peli 🌺 (@2Girls1Peli) May 20, 2018

“It’s all right, Smush, we’ll get ’em next time.”

“It’s Lou, Kobe.”

“Not anymore.”

— Andrew Lynch (@AndrewLynch) October 29, 2015

“it’s jordan clarkson time” – jordan clarkson

— Robby Kalland (@RKalland) April 23, 2018

Yeah, Robert Williams is walking to the bench and straight holding his wood. We know where he got hit. #Celtics #Bucks

— gary washburn (@GwashburnGlobe) May 1, 2022

RT @netw3rk: *Brian Shaw enters Nugs locker wearing white street shades* Hey, guys. Ready to get this practice on fleek.

— Sean (@smh122_) February 11, 2015

If Bron dunked on Dray I wouldve left my crib yelling hysterically & running to Oracle barefoot. I wouldve died from dehydration in Kentucky

— 🦦✨America Is Musty✨🦦 (@DragonflyJonez) March 3, 2017

Well America is tanking!!! All we can do is Trust The Process…

— Joel “Troel” Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) November 9, 2016

President Donald Trump and the First Lady have tested positive for coronavirus.

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) October 2, 2020

Tim Duncan gonna celebrate this win by changing the batteries in his smoke alarms ahead of schedule

— Desus Nice (@desusnice) June 13, 2014

The polls are closed and there’s a new mayor of New York City: THE CHARLOTTE EFFING BOBCATS

— Ben Swanson (@CardboardGerald) November 6, 2013

This muthafucka watched his team lose a Finals game from a baseball stadium cuz he can’t stop punching dicks.

— 🦦✨America Is Musty✨🦦 (@DragonflyJonez) June 14, 2016

JR Smith has already texted Derek Fisher an eggplant emoji, then a second text reading “LOL wrong number.” 45 secs later: another eggplant.

— David Roth (@david_j_roth) June 9, 2014

During timeout bit on jumbotron, #Blazers asked to name all 5 Spice Girls. Will Barton: “Is one named Cleopatra?”

— Joe Freeman (@BlazerFreeman) April 26, 2014

Kevin Love tried to defend Blatt, but the firing came in the form of a pick and roll

— Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur) January 22, 2016

Mark Cuban on misreporting about DeAndre Jordan: “You mean Chris Broussard? He’s an idiot. I take that back. My sources say he’s an idiot.”

— Ben Bolch (@latbbolch) November 12, 2015

Miles Plumlee shouldn’t even start in the Plumlee Family Driveway Classic.

— Noam Schiller (@noamschiller) October 26, 2013

Wade went nuts 08-09. But he wasnt robbed for MVP that year. Bron won 66 games with a starting lineup of the cast from Big Bang Theory

— 🦦✨America Is Musty✨🦦 (@DragonflyJonez) October 22, 2015

The only way San Antonio or Miami don’t win the championship is if neither team makes the finals.

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) March 7, 2014

say “eye yam stew peed” 4 times fast y’all gotta try this lol somebody jus got me

— Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) May 10, 2013

No tats on the right arm Strictly for buckets

— Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) August 15, 2014

Taj Gibson (doesn’t understand why paste special exists in the google docs spreadsheet thing but not in the word processor) continues to sit

— NBA Injury Report (@NBAInjuryR3port) March 10, 2015