Are The Eagles Looking For A New QB in 2022?

Are The Eagles Looking For A New QB in 2022?

There is nothing more entertaining than when a sports owner has an opinion about a player on their team that differs from that of those who pays to put the team together. According to reports, that is the case in Philadelphia, where the Eagles owner and the team’s general manager don’t agree on who should be the quarterback in 2022. One, it is believed, wanted to keep Jalen Hurts as QB1 while the other wants to use some of the team’s assets to trade up in the draft for one or trade for a new QB. So, do you think the Eagles are looking for a new quarterback for 2022; and should they be?

The Philadelphia Eagles are set up for an interesting 2022 thanks to their current 6-7 record and being in possession of not only their own first-round draft pick, but those of the Colts and Dolphins  With all those draft assets, making a blockbuster trade along the lines of what the LA Rams did for Matthew Stafford becomes possible. The Eagles may also choose to take those picks and trade up as high as the first overall spot in next spring’s draft and take the best college quarterback coming into the league next season. Either way, the team does have options.

These options, however, may not be exercised if one person, franchise owner Jeffery Lurie, gets his way. That’s because, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lurie believes in Jalen Hurts now as much as he did in the spring of 2020 when he convinced the team to draft the former Alabama QB. This opinion is not, however, held by Eagles general manager Howie Roseman who doesn’t see Hurts having the long-term success his boss does in the owner’s box.

While true Lurie was willing to part with Hurts in order to acquire Deshawn Watson from Houston, without the troubled Texans’ QB waving his no-trade clause, this trade is not possible.

The Eagles were able to draft Jalen Hurts in the second-round last year with the 53rd overall pick; meaning that almost anyone who wanted him and needed a QB could have taken him. Considering the salary cap hit they took to send Carson Wentz to Indianapolis, giving up Hurts after two seasons if the team believes they are making an upgrade at quarterback is not that much to sacrifice.

So, the question is, who is making the final decision about the roster in Philadelphia? Will Lurie draw a line in the sand and stand by his man Hurts? Or will the “football people” like Roseman win him over and convince him to make a change? If so, will it take a name like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson for Lurie to give up on Hurts, or will a college QB impress everyone next spring.

If Philadelphia is looking to find Lamar Jackson in their locker room, they won’t with Jalen Hurts. So I would ask Eagles fans: What are you looking for out of the QB position in 2022? Because from where I stand, there are plenty of upgrades out there that won’t cause your team to give up all their assets for, or they can go for broke and bring him the superstar, either way, if I was in Philly, I would want the team to move on from Jalen Hurts, but I don’t know if that makes me smarter than Jeffery Lurie or just as wrong as Howie Roseman. Only time can answer that question. 


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